Posted on Mar 21, 2018

Valdez Team at Ringler - Structured Settlements in Los Angeles

Attorney Fee Structured Deferrals: The Basics

While Structured Settlements are primarily known for helping secure the future needs of an injured plaintiff, there are also ways in which attorneys can benefit from the same tax codes & legal opinions associated with Structured Settlements. For any attorney that gets paid through contingency fees, they are able to strategize their earnings with an Attorney Fee Structured Deferral. The major difference is that, for the attorney that is structuring their fees – it is done on a tax-deferred basis and not a tax-free basis (which typically only applies to a plaintiff in a physical personal injury case).

If this idea has not jumped out at you as something particularly advantageous from the perspective of financial planning, tax-planning, and business planning – take a quick glance at some of the key benefits of Attorney Fee Structured Deferrals:

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